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Reflections of the Light - Bringing darkness to its kneesWe are a casual player base with Christian leadership. Being casual doesn't mean that we don't play a lot - just that the our primary focus is not in-game achievement. We have characters across the level range in multiple games. Currently we have a Reflections of the Light chapter in Lotro. We have been around for almost 7 years and have welcomed over 150 people into our family.  We pride ourselves on our determination to avoid cliques and truly be a gaming family.  We don't do random invites or to try and inflate our numbers by in-game recruiting methods, and we don't accept only the "elite."  Our purpose is to develop unity & focus on the accomplishments of the team rather than the individual.

What does Christian Leadership mean? Our kinship chat is clean. We strive to keep our chat at a level that you won't be embarrassed to have your children looking at, as most of us have families ourselves. We tend to encourage each other, and if you are offended at the mention of Christ, God, or church, this might not be the kinship for you. We also strive to make sure the choices this kinship makes stand up to our beliefs.  Members are not required to be Christians. We have several members who are not, but enjoy the atmosphere we provide.

Our members are friendly, and very helpful. We run instances at every level as well as raids and PVP, when enough players are interested. Our kinship chat reflects our members - tight-knit, active, and friendly.

We do like to enjoy the higher-end content, but we ARE NOT a hardcore raiding kin. Loot is not our primary focus, thus we do not use any form of DKP, but instead have our own loot rules to follow. Also, we will never require you to raid or participate in PVP, we only seek to allow the opportunity for those that wish to, and only in an environment that keeps things friendly and fun. Hey, when we wipe during a raid, it shouldn't be a stressful thing. It's just a game, and it should be taken as a learning experience. The journey together should be a fun one, with encouraging tips to help us all play better as a group. Since we are a multi-MMO family, we try to keep the members together as much as possible.  This means that while each game has tools at their disposal, the games will share a common forum (each game has its own section), shout box, & ventrillo, all found on our here on our Homepage (http://reflectionsofthelight.com) or "Home" in the site map.

Please feel free to browse around the site and get a feel for what its like to be a part of a large MMO-family. Visit our forums and post in the public area (members forums are hidden) if you have any questions.  Otherwise, you can fill out an application here: Join Us.  We all look forward to welcoming you to the best MMO family around.

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Kin Hall Warming Party!

by Joscelyn Joy, 35 days ago

Friday, November 4th, at 9 Est, come join the fun at our new island kin hall in the Nen Gwilith neighborhood.

All friends invited. You can get to the new housing area by talking to a housing vendor in Bree by the Boar Fountain, DA, or MT...maybe more. :)

We will end the evening with an epic battle raid. :D (all levels can come)

Hope to see you all there!

imageThanks to all who came to our party! It was a nice time of chatting & checking things out!

Also of note, when facing the hall, to the left, there is a full crafting area, complete with a supplier horn and a box you can get 3 universal crafting kits (daily, per alt).



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