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re: The Next Spread the Light Party

I am still working on the Anniversary Video & the Kin/Alliance one. I have 4 seconds done already in the Anniversary one (Yippee!) as well as a good number of clips reviewed, named and transported into my video maker. :D

There are still a good number of places that we haven't gotten to visit yet. Traditionally, we have done the parties on Fridays. So, I'm wondering if it's too short notice to get one ready for this Fri. the 28th. Please let me know. :)

There are 5 places in Moria that I'd like to get: Waterworks (I'll take suggestions), 21st hall, Bottom of the Bridge where Gandalph's hat is, Entrance to the Endless stair, and the one really beautiful hall... can't remember what it's called.

From the other parties we have had, it seems that 5 is the maximum number of places that we can get in an evening. Currently, most of our players can at least get into Moria, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Other places for other parties include: School, Library, and Burnt Tour in Enedwaith; Grey company on the hill, & the hobbit area (maybe the ruins between) in Dunland, as well as Galtrev; Isenguard (definitely visiting the Ents - possibly doing an Ent party, as there are several great Ents); Mirkwood, Skuttledells, DD; Edoras & the road to the paths of the dead (in there) and the large black ball after it; DA, Pelagar, one of the Signal Fire things; Ithillian (anywhere); and Minas Tyrith. Would be fun to do a Floyd and Dewit party too. However, the time is growing short. It is actually pretty time consuming to make a video, so I'll need to have most of the videos by mid March.

Any Suggestions and ideas would be most appreciated.

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