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re: 2-26-16 meeting/party chat

Once we got started, here's the chat:  (sorry about being late in getting this done... had the flu)


Joscelyn: Father God, thanks for this time to spend together. Thanks for bringing us together for fun, friendship & fellowship! We ask that you help us continue to know you more. In Jesus' name, Amen!
Kinsanth: Evenin' all
Philognosis: Amen
Apologeticus: Amen
Wallgorn: heya Kins
Braanwyn: Amen.
Curandil: Amen
Philognosis: Hey Kins
Curandil: Hey, Kins :)
Edbhard: Hey, chief
Mildith: Dwarfs are so cute
Joscelyn: Hi Kins :)
Apologeticus: Howdy
Joscelyn: We have an awesome new alliance with Lights in the Darkness, & are glad that you all could join us.
Wallgorn claps his hands.
Braanwyn nods in agreement with Joscelyn.
Edbhard: Yay!
Joscelyn: We also have another new group, Knights of the White Cross. Watch for alliance chat. :D
Apologeticus: the music group?
Apologeticus: :)
Braanwyn: Our fine sisterkin from Dwarrow.
Joscelyn: Also, Our allies can join our forums as well, (there's a question at the bottom saying you want to join as an ally)
Backler: ty josc
Apologeticus sits down.
Joscelyn: This helps for planning.
Backler: glad to be here
Runneralso: hear hear
Joscelyn: The Monday Moria Maddnes continues, as does the Thunderous Thursdays, which have brought together some fun raids numbers for taking down Roaving Threats. :)
In the works is a monthly or biweekly raid night event. :D We are looking for more input on times that work well for the majority, so pleas make your voice heard!
Also in the works, once again, is a new kin/alliance video! :D The music is chosen, & Cura is working on that end. Tonight we begin capturing the fun!
Nimarien waves to everyone.
Wallgorn waves to Nimarien.
You wave to Nimarien.
Backler cheers at Nimarien.
Nimarien sits down.
Wallgorn sits down.
Joscelyn: Cura, mind saying a word about the bank?
Runneralso: would be nice if it is roving threats that we start on time the last one ran late because it took so long to get going
Curandil: We continue to have alot of good submissions to the bank
What poeple have been asking for mostly is rep items and class quest items
The chests are open tonight if you want to sift through
Also, there is a link on the website to a spreadsheet with _most_ of the items available
Runneralso: got any pipe weed, this is the only smokoing I get since I quit 10 yeards ago
Backler: lol
Braanwyn: Sorry, he's always like this.
Curandil: At the moment it consists of items that wouldn't fit in the kinchest and are stored in Curabanker's vault and bags
Braanwyn: Thanks for mentioning class items, I had no idea and we generally dispose of ours :)
Curandil: There may be some pipeweed, but Curadoc may have pilfered it
Apologeticus: and good for you Runner
Backler: silly hobbit stole mine runner
Curandil: If you are looking for an item, send Curabanker an ingame mail
Runneralso: they are know thieves
Curandil: Or, any officer should be able to access the bank as well.
Backler: aye
Philognosis: I have a door prize [5 Black Dyes] - if our Good Leader would randomly pick a number between 1 and 14?
Curandil: One last thing: If you do take anything tonight, please let Josc or myself know. Thanks :)
Philognosis: (oh, sorry. :)
Wallgorn sits down.
Curandil: One more last thing ... You can send donations to Curabanker for storage
You thank Curandil heartily for his help!
Curandil: That's all
Braanwyn cheers at Curandil.
Erisi salutes Curandil.
Braanwyn sits with Curandil.
Curandil sits down.
Erisi sits down.
Wallgorn sits down.
Joscelyn: Yes, Runner, there is pipeweed... it's a hobbit hole :P
Backler: haha
Wallgorn laughs.
Philognosis: That'd be Runneralso
Wallgorn sits down.
Braanwyn: Hahaha figures
Joscelyn:Agreed, also that it does get quite late when it takes half an hour or more to get started.
Philognosis bows deeply before Runneralso.
Runneralso bows deeply.
Joscelyn: We will all try to make more of an effort to get collected quicker. :)
Philognosis sits with Large Red Leaf Rug.
Joscelyn: In the topic of banks, we have $61.37 in our paypal. with $12. going out monthly for forums and vent.
Joscelyn: Don't forget vent can make a run a bit more managable as it's easier to push a button than to type.
Runneralso sits with Joscelyn.
Joscelyn: Oh, yes, the vent info is at the left side of our forums. As is a link to the paypal where you can make donations if you want
You thank Runneralso heartily for his help!
Philognosis: For those of us who don't do Paypal... is there any mechanism for us to help with the hosting costs by contatcing the company directly?  info for donation options
Runneralso sits down.
Joscelyn: That's a good question. Yes, Guildlaunch does have something like that set up. I will have to look more into it though.
I will check into that & post it on the forums by the first of the week. :D
Also, a nice feature the forums has is a newsletter... kinda helps ya know of upcoming things
Any questions?
Ok, then lets all head to Bree fields for some Freeze tag! OH, & if we can all meet by the Bree gates, I'd love to get a vid of us riding there. :)


I got some good vid from the meeting & freeze tag... but seem to have not gotten any pics. ha.  If you got some, please share them. :)

There was a good turn out: Apologeticus(Nick), Bregreg(Mik), Dmoody, Freawaru(Lil), Eriesi, Curandil, Edhard, Philognosis, Granualle(Braanwyn), Kinsanth, (LitD):Nimarien, Runneralso, Mildith, Maglost(ty for the music), Backler, Ranth, & Nimarien... oh, & me, Joscelyn

We missed those who were unable to come.  Get well soon, Limm!

All things work together for good to them that love the Lord, -Rom 8:28

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