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re: Meeting July 31, 15

Hi everyone! Thanks to the folks who came to the meeting! And to those who couldn't, We missed ya!

Here are the notes:

Joscelyn: Going to start the meeting with a prayer. :
Father God, Thank you so much for this day and the time we are getting to spend together!
We pray for all our kinnies, that we come to know you more and are encouraged in your love.
Help those of us who are going through challenges to walk in Your grace each day.
Thank you for your presence tonight, and bringing us together. In Jesus' mighty name, Amen!
Curandil: Amen!
Maximar: Amen!
Wallgorn: Amen
Esmerium: AMEN!
Cathred: Amen!
Curandil: Don't you hate it when some busts into the room in the middle of the prayer :)
Curandil: *someone
Esmerium: yeah, what's up with that!?
Maximar: Awwwwwkwaaaaard..... :-D
Wallgorn: :)
Joscelyn: ha :) ... at least you weren't noisy. :P
Curandil is very sorry for that.
Joscelyn: Our pay pal balance is $6.70. I will update it on the forums. That total is from July.
Our costs are: $12.00 monthly for forums/vent; the yearly costs are not due again till spring, if I am remembering right.
There are some fun shots in the gallery & plenty of space. There's a sticky thread on how to post if ya need help with that.
Also, the weekly updates just show the most recent posts & if you don't like them, you can opt out of them.
Esmerium: yeah, I just put up some pics of my too sister toons in Riddermark
Joscelyn: :)
Esmerium: sry to interupt
Esmerium sits down.
Cathred sits down.
Joscelyn:The newsletter, I write & send out ... when I have thetime & have something special to announce. :) One time it came to my "promotions" box, but then next one didn't. Not sure for you all. (Np Ollo :) Glad you got them there)
Maximar sits down.
Esmerium: I get regualar posts on my gmail acct
Curandil sits down.
Joscelyn:Facebook is still going... although I'm not on it. :) Anyone want to add anything about it that knows?
Esmerium: anytime something happens in either kin
Joscelyn: Yeh, the updates are a nice way to keep up with new stuff.
Esmerium: hasn't been any recent posts...I can check really fast if you would like josc
Joscelyn: naw, it's ok, ty though :)
Cura is going to say a word about our kin chests. :)
You bow deeply before Curandil.
You sit with Curandil.
Esmerium: okay
Curandil: We continue to get regular contributions to the kin bank.
In fact it is once again overflowing :)
Esmerium: oh dear!
Curandil: So if you see anything in there tonight that you need or want, take it and let us know
Esmerium: or is that a good thing
Joscelyn: :)
Wallgorn: :)
Curandil: It is a good thing, but we have more income than outgo
Esmerium: I took the jewelry recipes and this[Superior Heavy Shield of the Golden Host]
Curandil: So I just keep an eye on things and sell things that have been in for a long time.
Maximar: I have a lot of catching up to do before I start mooching from the kin chests. ;-)
Esmerium: rofl
Esmerium: so Cura if I see you on and I want to check the chests just let you know?
Curandil: I always keep class quest items, recipes, and rep items because those tend to be most requested
Esmerium does a flip!
Curandil: Yes. I have tried to set up the bank on the website, but it isn't very friendly.
Esmerium cheers.
Esmerium sits down.
Curandil: So I will likely try to maintain a listing somewhere that kinnies can reference.
Esmerium: my issue is that I can't remember what one alt might need and what another might need
Esmerium: ...that would be very helpful
Lsuman hails Curandil.
Curandil: That's all I can think of for now. any further questions?
Esmerium bows deeply before Lsuman.
Cathred: Snagged [Leaf Plaster Wall]
Joscelyn thanks Curandil heartily for his help!
Cathred hails Lsuman.
Wallgorn waves to Lsuman.
Cathred thanks Curandil heartily for his help!
Wallgorn claps for Curandil.
Lsuman: Yes, can I look in the chest now? :)
Curandil bows deeply.
Cathred sits with Curandil.
Esmerium doesn't seem that thrilled with Joscelyn.
Curandil: Yes
Wallgorn sits down.
Esmerium sits with Joscelyn.
Joscelyn: Any of the officers can help you with the kinchests... you don't have to wait for a meeting or Cura to be online. :)
Curandil: True
Esmerium: groovy neato keen!
Curandil bows deeply before Joscelyn.
Lsuman: [Potent Enduring Shield of Blocking] cool cosmetic
Curandil sits down.
Rhodda has come online.
Joscelyn: As some of you know, there are going to be server mergings coming up soon. Cath & Cura have been keeping an eye on that as far as what it would mean for us.
Maximar: I was meaning to ask about that...
Esmerium: I don't think this server has anything to worry about
Joscelyn: We will let you know as soon as or if anything happens that we would need to do something about .
Maximar: It sounds like Gladden is one of the more populated servers.
Esmerium: according to a good friend of mine, using toon logins as a guide, this server is the third most active
Joscelyn: I do hope that Gladden gets to stay. :D We probably will not have to do anything then. :D
Cathred: The good news is, if a server closes, they will set the mail to last for 6 months instead of 1, so people won't miss the message if they log in before the actual shutdown at the end of the year
Maximar: Based on the chatter I see on /world chat, we seem to be pretty hoppin', even with lower-level content.
Joscelyn: Oh that is good. :) Yes, always seems to be a good number of folks to me :)
Esmerium: the top four are Brandy, Landy, Gladden and then Circkhollow
Rhodda has gone offline.
Maximar: I also read that we will be getting two free character slots once this transfer/merge business is all said and done.
Lsuman: Cool!
Joscelyn: ./giddy.... more alts! :D
Maximar: And a sale on additional character slots is coming soon.
Esmerium: yep, that is correct...I can link the dev web file if you need it
Cathred: One thing to keep in mind, if you have any characters that you haven't logged into in a year, and you want to keep the name, log in before the transfers start
Esmerium: they are going to double the amount of slots that you can have from what I read
Joscelyn:Good advice!
Esmerium: good point Cath
Wallgorn: :)
Esmerium: I plan on moving three of my Ridder toons here...two of them are taken but I have names reserved for them just in case
Maximar: It sounds like we'll have free transfers for a while once the mergers are open.
Esmerium: The only thing that will close will be the 5 EU and 5 NA servers on Oct 1st..after that, serer transfer will be indefinite
Esmerium: and you will still be able to play on those worlds the ones that close...until dec 31st
Maximar: If you haven't checked the LOTRO.COM website recently, there's a Dev Diary that talk about the mergers and transfers, with some really good info about how everything will work.
Esmerium: https://www.lotro.com/en/game/articles/world-transfers
Cathred: The offical thread on the forums is good too. They've responded several times with good follow-up info
Esmerium: Turbine does a good job there
Esmerium: the thing to remember is their new hardware and software will help with lag and login issues
Maximar: Lots of doom-and-gloom posts on the forums, but I think the mergers will ultimatelty be beneficial for the game. Consolidating the population means more people to play with. That's what an MMO is all about -- more people = more fun. :-)
Esmerium: Well said, Max!
Cathred: And with fewer servers, it will be easier for them to run events and interact with players
Maximar: They said there's a greater chaance of dev-run one-off special events. That would be really cool.
Joscelyn:Thanks guys! Good points! Lastly, I wanted to make sure everyone knows about the weekly events. Monday Moria Madness. Wonderful Isengard Wednessdays. and Thunderous Thursdays. :D They have been a lot of fun... most weeks we have enough for some good runs. Also the Roaving threats (for 100s) have been fun and getting a first age with 50 tokens is a nice bonus.
So, any questions? or more comments? :D
Esmerium: okay, off to deliver the inn league ale....cya all laters!

Curandil, Esmerium(Ollo), Wallgorn, Wsuman, Cathred, Maximar, & Joscelyn enjoying an evening chat. :)

All things work together for good to them that love the Lord, -Rom 8:28

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